Therapeutic Adventure

TAP is our largest program, providing over 3,000 participant service days each year to youth involved or at risk of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system.

TAP is an intervention and prevention and maintanence program that creates a safe emotional environment for participants to break through their self-limiting beliefs, experience success in overcoming challenges, and achieve personal growth.

Utilizing our Experiential Adventure-Based Resiliency Model, we work closely with agencies to prescriptively design programs that meet the presenting needs of each client group. The cornerstone of our TAP programs is the creation of a safe emotional environment where clients feel empowered to push themselves past their perceived limits in order to achieve personal growth. We use a variety of adventure activities and experiential methods where clients can experience success in the challenges they face, and then apply the metaphoric learnings into their lives.

Our referring agencies include treatment centers, juvenile justice, protective services, schools, and tribal social services report the following positive outcomes for participants:

Our evaluation data proves that TAP participants achieve significant increases in communication, cooperation, and problem-solving skills.

Because all of our program sequences are prescriptive, no two program days look alike. We work with referring agencies to create a program designed specifically for each client group. In general, all programs use our Experiential Adventure Based Resiliency Model to create a safe emotional space and build resiliency in clients based on strengths they already possess.

Typically, we provide a sequence of programs that begin with creating a safe environment and building community among the group and increasingly provide challenging adventure activities and opportunities for personal growth. We use a variety of experiential tools, including icebreaker and energizer games, problem-solving initiatives, low and high ropes challenge course events, hiking, rock climbing, rappelling, rafting, and youth/community organizing. Some programs also incorporate overnight excursions to achieve goals.

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Associate Director
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