Bullying Prevention

Adventures in a Caring Community: A Bullying Prevention Program

Adventures in a Caring Community (ACC) is an experiential learning program that focuses on bullying, violence, and substance abuse prevention. The ACC also focuses on using experiential activities to increase students’ resiliency as well as promote life skills.

The ACC works with the entire fifth grade level within an elementary school. Students participate in nine two-hour experiential school-based sessions and three full day ropes course programs at SFMC site locations on life skills training, bullying/violence prevention and substance abuse prevention. These sessions focus on practicing the skills necessary to support healthy peer relationships, creating a caring community, and increasing resiliency skills.

The ACC curriculum has been designed by combing components of the Santa Fe Mountain Center’s (SFMC) Experiential Adventure Based Resiliency Model (EABRM) along with Botvin’s Life Skills, anti-bullying theory and practices, and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) research. This strengths-based resiliency curriculum focuses on the internal assets of positive values, social competencies, and positive identity development as core components.

This program design and curriculum is based off of many years of experiential education work with children and over six years of implementing ACC. In addition to the guiding concepts and philosophies, there are five key components of ACC curriculum: Five Finger Full Value Commitment, Challenge by Choice/Comfort Zones, Positive Peer Support, and Reflection/Processing.

Program results included:

We also offer experiential bullying prevention training on how to implement components of the Adventures in a Caring Community curriculum. Call us to explore what type of training we can offer for your group, including youth, mentors, peer helpers, staff, volunteers, etc!

For more information about our program design, curriculum, replication, implementation or evaluation and research, please contact:

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