Adventure OUT!

Adventure OUT! promotes adventure, health, wellness and community among gay, bisexual and transgender individuals in New Mexico. Through funding from the New Mexico Department of Health HIV/AIDS Infectious Disease Bureau, we offer a new and unique opportunity to integrate HIV Prevention with Experiential Education. The use of metaphor unites adventure and challenge with the knowledge, attitude and behavior changes essential to reducing the transmission of HIV/AIDS, STI’s and viral hepatitis A,B,C. Three years of evaluative data show positive increases in knowledge, attitude and behaviors among our participants.

Positive Adventures is a resource for people living with HIV/AIDS. We utilize adventure programming to create a safe, confidential environment where participants can discuss issues relevant to their lives.

Native Pride is designed specifically for Native individuals who are gay, bisexual or transgender. Through group discussion we will explore the role of spiritual, religious, and cultural beliefs about GBT persons, and opportunities to participate in adventure-based activities such as hiking and high ropes events will also be offered. Woven throughout the program will be time to explore our connections to ourselves, to others, our communities and to the earth.


For more information on this program, please contact:

Chris Salas
Adventure Out Program Manager