Professional Development

The Santa Fe Mountain Center facilitates personal transformation and assists in developing stronger organizational effectiveness, through active learning experiences. We provide training, seminars, retreats and consultation to build more effective teams through powerful experiences and adventures that engage individuals into a more cohesive and productive framework within their organizations. If your staff needs renewal, your clients need some group building, or your board needs some bonding and vision time, we have a program for you.

The Santa Fe Mountain Center’s Action Based Organizational Development Programs addresses various aspects of leadership and management development for both individuals and groups. The work we do with corporations, businesses and organizations helps individuals stretch and grow, both personally and professionally, creating, deepening, and integrating profound change that inspires groups to achieve their full potential.

Action Learning Experiences Provided by the Santa Fe Mountain Center

Service the Santa Fe Mountain Center Provides to Enhance the Action Learning Experience

How Action Based Organizational Development Programs Can Help You?


What Sets the Santa Fe Mountain Center Apart?

What sets the Santa Fe Mountain Center apart from other companies that do action based workshops, training, and retreats is our 30 + year track record of effectively using experiential adventure to achieve client objectives. In 2009, the Association for Experiential Education recognized the Santa Fe Mountain Center as the International Experiential Organization of the year. In addition we are a nationally accredited program with an exemplary safety and quality assurance record. We offer two great locations for off-site meetings, corporate retreats, seminars and trainings — our newly renovated training facility at our headquarters in the beautiful village of Tesuque, New Mexico, and our brand new Urban Adventure and Training Center in central Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Supporting Our Mission

The Santa Fe Mountain Center is a non-profit, educational and therapeutic institution founded in 1979. A percentage of the fees from this work supports services for New Mexico’s most vulnerable youth and families, survivors of domestic violence, and other under-served populations.

We are one of the forerunners in developing an Anti Bullying Program called Adventures in a Caring Community, our signature program which has been acclaimed both statewide and nationally.

With over three decades of experience designing customized experiential action based programs that has been nationally accredited by the Association for Experiential Education, we can assure you that your experiences will provide both short term and long term results within your organization. We create interactive and highly participatory learning experiences. Participants are actively engaged in their own learning experience. In our seminars, they will interact, dialogue, take risks, and most importantly, have fun. By doing so, participants will integrate their experience back to the workplace resulting in stronger teams and focused organizational outcomes.

The SFMC provides customized adventure-based experiential programming and is accredited by the Association for Experiential Education. Our staff is highly skilled in both facilitation and risk management, and passionate about the work we do and the mission we serve.

For more information, please contact:

Tiffany Wynn, MA, LPCC
Executive Director
(505) 983-6158 Ext. 11